killx, rsi, and the ‘mother of invention.’

by debianjoe


rsi & /dev/fb0

This was a much longer post, but after reading it again, I decided that I hated it.  So, let me make a simple request for everyone who reads this:

Do something new, that you suck at currently.

I don’t care what it is.  If you write in C, use Lisp.  If you write Bash, try Python.  If you have mastered all forms of coding, go outside and play some football.  Just don’t do what you’re good at.  Try something that makes you have to work to get it done.

My final thought on the matter is that it’s good to get out of your box, try new things, to fill a need that you have.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else benefits from your work so long as you actually gain some quality of life from it.  A friend of mine said “I believe that most musicians make music for themselves, and that being heard is just a bonus.”  Make your goal to make software that YOU enjoy and that fills YOUR needs.  If nobody else gets it, then that’s fine.  In the FOSS world, it’s not like most of us are making money at it anyhow.  You might as well enjoy the ride.