Furthering the list of things I (or (didn’t) (don’t)) know.

by debianjoe


After my last post, I decided that my knowledge of the current state of any language outside of those that I might regularly use could use some refreshing.  As such, I spent some time speaking to a few schemers to figure out what I’ve been missing.  The answer, in as few words as possible, is “a lot.”

First of all, the R6RS has been ratified.

There are so many implementations that I will just link you to another wonderful page that includes a bunch of them.  If you have a question that isn’t clearly answer, there is the #scheme IRC channel on Freenode who actually has shared the previous years+ of IRC logs, which you could search through and probably learn a ton.

…and finally, I’ve learned that my own grasp of Scheme beyond basic educational writing is pretty weak.  I plan to personally ratify that, as it’s a really beautiful and simple language with some insanely powerful applications.  While I realize I’ll never know everything, it never hurts to know more than I currently do.

Fun Links!!!

((Schemers dot org) (community scheme wiki)(readscheme dot org)(community on choosing first implementation)(some wikibook with more links))